One of the strength of GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION is a strong international network. This allows the production house to work with freelance filmmakers from all over the world to replenish the local team if the job requires. It also continues the exchange of skills and knowledge between East African and international filmmakers. New people come frequently on board as permanent staff or freelancers bring in more creativity and ideas.

Another big strength of GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION is that we cover more than just Uganda. Our East African team speaks numerous indigenous languages that allow us to additionally produce films in neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Sudan and Rwanda.

A word from the Managing Director

Film production always relies on good team work. Even the smallest film involves a group of creative people who work hand in hand. GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION has a strong team, where various talents complement one another.

For documentaries we usually use a crew comprising of a director/ scriptwriter, director of photography, sound engineer, and if need be a light technician. After filming is finalised, post production commences. The scriptwriter/ director writes the narration, works closely with the editor and with the client to make sure that the client’s agenda is covered adequately. After editing is complete, the sound engineer records narration, adds music and mixes the sound. It is only after the sound and picture are perfect that the graphic department works on the credits, logos and DVD cover. My role is of a team leader on all the projects, providing support and supervising the entire production process.

Over the last eight years the team of GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION has grown in terms of skill, manpower and equipment. Some of our core team members have been with GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION from day one and have successfully completed the training in the beginning of our operations in 2002. Besides we’re always interested to get new talent on board, learn and exchange ideas.

I am proud of the people working at GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION. They are all hard working, devoted and extremely motivated. Once in a while our team produces independent in-house productions with extremely tight budgets. Some of these films have so far earned local and international recognition.

Jackie Ssennyondo
Managing Director

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